The Karma Sutra
KOSHER SUTRA 'those whose hearts motivate them, will give' (Exodus 25:2)
BIBLIYOGA POSE Karma Yoga - Doing something for others
BODY BENEFITS Feeling good

Today is the new lunar month of Adar, a traditional time bringing joy into our lives. Somehow, however, we don’t always feel up to it. There are a million cures for feeling downhearted and most have a price. One cure for depression remains free.

“Those whose hearts motivated them” gave to the building of the community. It is an innate human desire to give, to share, and when we do so, we often feel better about ourselves. Why is this? Possibly because it taps into our higher nature. The kabbalistic aspect of Hesed, of lovingkindness, is the first impulse that is connected with our body, in particular our right arm. We are designed to give. Think how frustrating it is when we pay someone a compliment and they refuse to take it. Sometimes we need to thank other people for a present they have given but we don’t like, because they are benefiting more from the act of giving. “Help me to help you” said Jerry Maguire to his protégée. The act of giving connects us with others and connects us with our source.

Karmic Yoga is the path of action, of doing and of getting involved. “Action is greater than inaction: perform therefore thy task in life. Even the life of the body could not be if there were no action” (Bhagavad Gita 3:8). What’s a great way to tap into the joy of life? To get up, get out of the house and do something for others. One of the closing songs in Avenue Q goes ‘when you help others, you can’t help helping yourself’. Counterintuitive, but it works.

Feel good.