Do you ever find that you are looking for spiritual expression and just canít find a suitable outlet or method? Spirituality is often talked about but hard to reach, and Bibliyoga grew out of a frustration with the status quo. There ís more to connecting with the Divine than eating, drinking, praying and sleeping. Sadly, many religious leaders seem to have forgotten this.

Bibliyoga uses classic writings of world spirituality. You've heard of Kabbalah and we go to the people who wrote it. As we dip into the great pool of Rabbinic wisdom and discover how to learn sacred texts whilst practicing traditional yoga, we aim for enlightenment. It is within reach of everyone and it is just a few breaths away.
  Bibliyoga focuses on methods of connecting to Divine energy and delivers practical tools for tapping into the Source. Yoga pre-dates all forms of organised religion and Bibliyoga is rabbinically approved! Yoga means “oneness” or “uniting with the Creator” and we use Bibliyoga to find ways of tapping into the source of the Universe. It’s within reach of everyone and it’s just a few breaths away.