Don't Look Back in Anger
Pinchas 2011/5771
KOSHER SUTRA 'should the name of our father be obliterated because he had no sons?' (Numbers 27:4)
SOUL SOLUTION Freedom to live your potential.
BIBLIYOGA POSE Standing forward bend (Uttanasana). Look forwards...
BODY BENEFITS Relieves headaches, depression, alleviates anxiety and improves digestion.

We are all born into the world with different challenges. Some have a hard inheritance from their families, be it years of hearing limiting beliefs or just being born on the tough side of the tracks. Others face obstacles later on in life. We can choose to be held back by these seemingly insurmountable difficulties or choose to tackle and overcome them.

This week it is a tale of two families. The sons of Korach are born with a father who is a rebel and outsider, an ego-driven man who eventually dies in a pit of public shame. Meanwhile the daughters of Tzelophehad are orphaned and quickly find that without a brother to inherit their father’s land, they face the challenge of homelessness because the Biblical law does not allow women to take control of property.

What were they to do?

Yoga teaches us to push beyond our past stories and live in the present moment. The Yoga Sutras encourage us to free ourselves from attachments to fixed ideas, however strong they may be, and to work hard at identifying what our real limits are (YS 1:20-21). When we engage with ‘faith, energy, memory and concentration’ we move one step closer to achieving a state of blissful and unlimited living.

The sons of Korach go on to become successful priests and turn their father’s negative legacy into a positive future, while the daughters of Tzelphehad achieve a victory for Biblical feminism and have the law changed so that they can rightly inherit the land.

How do you believe you are held back? How would you like to be free? Try taking a moment this weekend by releasing an unhelpful belief or behaviour and taking a positive step towards realising your unlimited future.