Give a little love, get a little love
Chayei Sara
KOSHER SUTRA And Isaac was comforted for [the loss of] his mother. (Gen 23:67)
SOUL SOLUTION Soul healing through loving relationships
BODY BENEFITS Stimulate kidneys, opens psoas, increase elasticity in back, open heartspace
A few years ago there was the story of a woman in middle America who held a marriage ceremony where she expressed her commitment to herself. There are many unfair pressures placed on us by modern society and one is that we have to be completely self-sufficient, finding all of our happiness from within. This is a tough call for any human beings as we are programmed to give and receive love.

Our Kosher Sutra is from a narrative that includes a death (Sarah), a marriage (Rebecca and Isaac), another marriage (Abraham and Ketura), and two more deaths (Abraham and Ishmael). From a kabbalistic perspective there is great similarity between these two motions of death and marriage because in the first our soul becomes one with the creator and in the second it becomes one with another human being. When Isaac’s mother passes away he is consoled through his marriage to Rebecca and he forms a solid unit with her that will last the rest of their days.

Yoga is a tool for bringing healing, health and balance through pursuing a state of oneness in our body. Camel pose is the most appropriate for today because it resonates with Isaac’s ‘camel test’ that proves Rebecca is the ideal wife when she demonstrates her kindness by offering to water his camels. As we come into the camel posture, we’ll focus on lifting and opening our hearts as we move into this gentle backbend, and we can visualise bringing some healing into our body. This weekend is the time to get some love and give some love.

Marcus J Freed (c) 2010




i. Come up to a kneeling position with your shins in parallel position behind you. Tuck your toes underneath.
ii. Place your hands on your sacrum and inhale your chest upwards, stretching your head to look back.
iii. Slowly exhale, dropping backwards and take hold of your ankles.
iv. Continue to keep the energy flowing through this position.
v. Eventually come up to a straight position on an inhale and when you’ve completed the posture between three and five times, take Child’s pose.