Marcus followed a path towards becoming the Bibliyogi through his journeys as an performer, writer and educator. His spiritual development included 12 months at a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Efrat, Israel, at Yeshivat HaMivtar. It was there that he studied enlightenment texts with three great Talmudic masters, Rabbis Chaim Brovender, Dovid Ebner and Shlomo Riskin. Marcus gained degrees from the Universities of Birmingham and London but he met his next teacher at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, where yoga guru Edward Clark was teaching acting and movement. Edward's blend of yoga and creativity is demonstrated in the work of his company Tripsichore Yoga Theatre. Marcus completed his yoga teacher certification with Edward and also studied closely with Elizabeth Connolly of the Yogafarm. Marcus entered into a spiritual and yogic pupillage with these teachers which continues today. Bibliyoga is concerned with extreme innovation whilst being connected to a tradition that stretches back 5000 years. In the past 12 months, Bibliyoga has been taught in 8 different countries and the story has just begun. Marcus is also the USA Director of Yoga Mosaic and yogi-in-residence for JConnectLA and Jewlicious Festivals.