We All Stand Together
Nitzavim-Vayeilech 2010/5770
KOSHER SUTRA You are standing this day before God (Deut 29:9)
SOUL SOLUTION Inner strength to take stand
BODY BENEFITS relieves anxiety and aids digestion

We take standing for granted. What happens when it is difficult to stand up? Our body might be in physical pain and our legs could be aching. Sometimes it is hard to stand up for ourselves if we are under attack. There can be challenges when standing up for what we believe in if we lack confidence, or it may even be hard to stand up for others when we hear their pain but feel unable to do anything.


The focus of Bibliyoga is on tools for transformation. Today’s Kosher Sutra speaks of the Israelites’ covenant with God and they are all drawn together as one, whether they are rich or poor, and regardless of whether they hold high or low status in society. Today we are going to consider how Bibliyoga can help us become stronger in our mind, body and spirit, when it comes to taking a stand.


There are a group of yoga postures (asanas) that are known as the standing sequence, and these have the benefit of creating physical strength and balance, but they also create emotional and psychological equanimity. Triangles, standing leg raises, forwards bends and mountain poses all work our legs but make us focus on having a strong foundation that supports the rest of our physical activities. Everyone knows that a building has to have a firm foundation if it is going to stand and that a tree needs deep roots to survive, so why should it be any difference with humans?

This information doesn’t necessarily help when we are having trouble standing – whether it is literally or metaphorically. There is a secret in our Kosher Sutra. The Hebrew says ‘Atem Nitzavim’, ‘You [plural] are standing’. The word choice is never accidental. It can be hard to stand alone, but we are stronger when we stand together.

This Bibliyogic approach provides a powerful tool for healing. Our pain is reduced when we stand together; practicing yoga with a friend, meditating with a community or dancing with a room full of people. In the words of King Solomon: “If two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:11-12). The ancient wisdom is as relevant as ever, but it only works when we stand together.

If our legs are hurting, we can see a physical therapist. If our heart is aching, we can talk to others. And if others are about to be knocked down, we can stand by them when they need a friend. There is never any reason to stand truly alone.

And for your Bibliyogic pleasure...We all stand together


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Marcus J Freed is the creator of Bibliyoga, USA & North America Director of Yoga Mosaic – the association for Jewish yoga teachers, and yogi-in-residence for JConnectLA and Jewlicious Festivals.




i. Jump your feet so that they are approximately one metre apart.
ii. Turn your right foot towards the front of your mat so that your feet are at a 90-degree ankle, with your right heel in line with the back instep.
iii. Inhale your hands upwards, elongate your spine and lean forwards with your right hand.
iv. Place your right hand on either your thigh, shin or foot (taking hold of the big toe with your forefinger.
v. Raise your left hand into the air.
vi. Rotate your left hip upwards and outwards.
vii. Look upwards.
viii. Tuck your tummy in and lengthen your back.
ix. Engage the muscles on your legs.
x. Raise the arches on both of your feet.
xi. Be careful not to collapse your ribs or back. Your shoulders should be completely open and on a flat line. If in doubt, do a modified variation of the pose.

Modification: Place your right hand on your thigh or ankle. You can also place a block to the right of your right foot and rest on that.

Advanced: Place your right hand on the ground to the right of your right foot.

Benefits: Stretches the legs and hips, relieves anxiety and stress and aids digestion.