Morality Bites
Noah 2009/5770
KOSHER SUTRA 'All in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, of everything that was on dry land, died' (Genesis 7:22)
SOUL SOLUTION Spiritual connections
BIBLIYOGA POSE Pranayamic breathing
BODY BENEFITS Calming, focusing

Today’s Kosher Sutra is none too cheery. The story of Noah is a tale of immorality, destruction and rebirth. I know, I know, it’s *fun* to be immoral once in a while, but the original inhabitants of earth took it one stage too far and brought upon themselves a world-changing flood. Noah, however, was different. He ‘walked with God’. He was ‘perfect in his generation’. He was top of the class.

The commentator Rashi gives us a clue on the ultimate body-soul connection. He explains that having the ‘spirit of life in your nostrils’ means to be breathing and the Hebrew words for 'breath' and 'soul' are exactly the same. This is an important Bibliyogic concept, noting that one of the most important rabbinic masters of all time directly connects the soul with the breath* - it allows us to find a way to experience our soul on a regular basis. Our breath allows us to connect with God. The flood victims denied God through their behaviour and lost their breath-of-life as a result.

Now I’m not telling you not to be immoral. That’s not my place. Besides, it’s Friday afternoon and you’re probably looking forward to a well-earned riotous weekend. But why not enjoy a taste of ultimate liberation before you paint the town red. Try 20 breaths through your nostrils and reflect on this idea that it is your soul floating in and out of your nose, connecting and reconnecting with the Creator. If you want to really deepen your breath, try your favourite yoga pose and really work that breath into your chest (if you’re stuck for ideas check out When our soul is engaged we remember that we are bigger than our worries, larger than our mind-made limits, and older than our grey hairs. We are vast and eternal.

Breathe deep, feel free and PARTY HARD.

Shalom V'Ahava


*Rashi in Gen 7:22.

The Kosher Sutras © Marcus J Freed 2009/5770

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